Thursday, July 13, 2017

God bless america

WELL this week was good.

President changed the standard of excellence from 2 new investigators a week to 4 new investigators a week and our district leader challenged us as well to those find 4 new investigators! We had gone the whole week and only found one. And it was 8:00 Sunday night and we needed to find 3 more. I was about ready to give up but then our sister training leaders sent us a text and challenged us to see how many book of Mormons we could hand out that for that last hour before the week was over.

So we ended up going to try and contact this Bible Referral we got. Her name is Kenisha and she was so sweet! Her and her son Machai became new investigators! We also ended up giving out 4 book of Mormons last night. 

Then we had about 20 min left in the day and the YSA elders called and I was like "we don't have time for this, we have to go find a new investigator!" But the lord blessed me with patience and I am so glad he did becuase they had been down in our area the day before and told us about a new investigator they found named Drew! So that means we got 4 new investigators!!!!!!!!!

I am so grateful for such good leaders who motivate me to get out and work and follow the spirit to know what I need!

Other things that happened this week was...
1. The Navas family had us over for dinner and Brother Navas had us do his pepper challenge again. These peppers were HOT. Brother Navas was laughing so hard at me but then he tried the pepper and he understood! He even cried! And brother navas never cries! I took a picture to document it.

2. Sister foster held a chicken! I love her.

3. This house didnt exist when I first got here and now someone is moving in. So that tells you how long I've been in Bourbonnais...

4&5. I was looking through my freeport pictures and I found these and felt they needed to be shared. I miss freeport so much.

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