Monday, February 6, 2017

Farewell to Freeport

Well, all good things must come to an end.
Tomorrow I will be transferred to Bourbonnais North! I will definitely miss Freeport and all the people here, but I am super excited for everything that lies ahead!
Since coming to Freeport my testimony and my confidence has grown so much!
Mosiah 2:21 I say unto you that if ye should serve him who has created you from the beginning, and is preserving you from day to day, by lending you breath, that ye may live and move and do according to your own will, and even supporting you from one moment to another—I say, if ye should serve him with all your whole souls yet ye would be unprofitable servants.
I have done my best to serve here. And I have hopefully helped someone here along the way, but in the end God has blessed me so much by sending me here to Freeport and there is no way I can repay him for all the blessings I have received since I came here.

god is good

This week we went on exchanges! So i got to spend MORE time with sister smith! This time in Elgin instead of Freeport. 
It was great. We went to go visit a less active named Megan. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and then before we leave we talked some with her mom. She was talking about the Philippians and I asked where she lived when she was there and it turns out they knew the Hills!! and the one and only JANESA HILL played soccer with Megan in the Philippians. It was so amazing and just a very strong confirmation that I am where I am supposed to be and also that Janesa is probably the coolest person I will  ever meet. I literally can't go anywhere without running into someone that knows Janesa. (I LOVE YOU NESA)
ahhhhh but mission life is so great and life is good!!
-Sister Smith, Megan's mom, me, and Megan!
-Sister Allred and I with Daya (she's such a dry Mormon even wears her ctr ring and reads her book of Mormon. Someday she'll be baptized.) And La'Shay! 💕

a day in the life

This week the Sister Training Leaders came and just paid us a little visit and so I got to spend some time with Sister Smith!! yay. I literally love her! And she was Sister Madsen's trainer so it was just fun. We had originally planned to see so many people and have a church tour and do so much that day but then EVERYTHING cancelled. And then the sister training leaders came and Sister Smith and I just went to go do some tracting/stop bys (which lets be honest, usually aren't as fun as lessons and church tours) but we had a great time. It just showed me how great missionary work can be and that God is going to make sure that everything that needs to happen will happen.

So Sister Smith and I go to go stop by Dont'e (A less active and recent convert of a few years) His street is super small and you can only park on one side. It is really hard for missionaries because if you turn down it than someone has to get out and back you up and it is just always a struggle. And sister Smith had never been to Freeport before so she doesn't know and turns down his street but then gets confused and stops for a little bit to figure out what to do but then someone pulls up behind us and drives around us and throws a cardboard box at our car............ 
Anyway we get things figured out but I have to get out and back her up of course and I am a little on edge because of the cardboard box and someone else was coming down this TINY street but finally we are parked and we can go see Dont'e. 
We talk to him, set up an appointment (yay!) then get back in the car and drive away. As we are driving away however 2 police cars turn down this street (I honestly have no idea how so many people and cars can be on the tiniest street) so we go to a different area. But half way there I realize I don't have the phone and I must have dropped it as I was backing sister smith up. But Sister Smith is super wise and just says "well this is just one of those things where God tells us that there is someone else we still need to talk to" 

So we go back and say a prayer that we will find the phone. And we do! It was lying in a puddle of mud but it still works fine so no worries. 

But don't forget that the police turned down this street before we left so as we are looking for the phone there are cops all over this street looking for something else.... But we still have to find out why God needed us to come back! So we knock on a few doors. We ended up giving away 4 Book of Mormons on that Street! All of those contacts were just great! We met Jasmine who at first tells us she isn't interested and she doesn't believe in God but then we share a scripture from the Book of Mormon with her and she says "Well Actually my sister who lives in California is Mormon and I actually have a book of Mormon and I think I will read it tonight." What? then she says "This just showed me that everything happens for a reason." The next person we contacted was Christy and by the end of the contact she was crying and hugging us.

Sometimes as a missionary you have days where it seems like no one wants to talk to you and you are just annoying everyone. BUT YOUR NOT. We are literally just going around and making people happy. 

It was just a really good day. Even though nothing went as planned. 

And thats just a typical day in the life of Sister Corbett

Someday Sister Allred and I will take pictures together, but until then you will have to go off of the interpretations of the kids we teach. Haha! These are by La'Shay!