Monday, January 16, 2017

"I don't want to go to the celestial kingdom, because what if MLK Jr isn't there?"

My subject line is from one of the kids we taught yesterday as we were teaching them the plan of salvation. Teaching kids is fun haha
A few days ago we had a lesson with a less active and his non-member wife. We were really excited for this lesson for a while now because missionaries in the past have had a really hard time getting into their home. We got there and started talking about the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately she was NOT willing to read it because she had read other books about the Book of Mormon so that should be enough. Anyway it was kind of a sad lesson where it was very clear they weren't interested. But Sister Allred is an AMAZING missionary and was so bold on how even if they don't think they need to that doesn't change the fact and the truth that they do need to read the Book of Mormon. We were expecting this lesson to be different but we are glad we had that experience becuase we both walked away with stronger testimonies of the Book of Mormon and how it truly changes lives and hearts. There is literally power in the Book of Mormon and if you can just get someone to hold it or read a little part of it it is amazing.
Right after this we gave a Book of Mormon to a man by the library. He turned out to not be ready to recieve the gospel right now, but he talked about how he had just had a really uncomfortable experience at the library (it was a rough week for the library - we saw at least 2 people get arrested) and our testimonies changed his day. He sent us the LONGEST text about how he believes that we were led by God to talk to him that day. It is so cool to see how God was using us to help these people and although the day NEVER goes as planned, if you are listening to the spirit, it will ALWAYS be a good day!
I know the Book of Mormon  can change your life! It contains the fullness of the gospel or in other words everything you need to be happy now and for eternity. Just read it. Right now. Go do it.
Anyway, this week has been great. So great. I LOVE sister Allred, I LOVE Illinois, and I LOVE the The Gospel.
- Sister Hannah Corbett
PICTURE- we have an investigator named Amanda who has been doing really well lately! Her daughter Aubrianna drew this during sacrament. She is so cute.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This week has seemed like the longest week. It seems like a month, but also just a really long day.
We have been working SO hard. And it is paying off!
Some of the highlights were:
-Teaching Karen the restoration! It was a solid lesson and the best restoration lesson sister Allred and I have both had. It is fun to teach her becuase she understands really well.
- We got a refferal for a family that lives In forreston and we were able to contact them right away! Turns out they met with Missionaries when they were living in Texas and thier son actually wanted to get baptized! Francis the mom said she wasn't ready and Brian the dad wasn't ready because he has word of wisdom problems so they never actually did because they wanted to wait until they could all do it together. but it was great and there is definitely potential there!
I just love the gopel. It is so true.  We have been trying to be better at contacting.  Because more contacting= a better day and a bigger teaching pool.  But it also means you get a lot of "no's". Some days it seams like everyone I talk to is trying to convince me that everything I'm doing is wrong! But somehow I am happier than ever. WIth every "no" I just get a stronger and stronger testimony that this Church is true! Because it really is. I KNOW IT
Love you all,
Sister Corbett
PICTURE - Sister Allred and I about to head out in the freezing cold. Going to go Find, teach, and Baptize! (also thanks Jon and Dani for the Hat and Scarf)


Freeport Round 3

We had a really good week. Sister Allred is so great and just the epitome of the word Missionary. She is so great to work with and I am just so excited for this transfer. 

There is a quote that I really like by the man himself GORDON B HINKLEY

"I wish to be up and doing, I wish to face each day with resolution and purpose. I wish to use every waking hour to give encouragement, to bless those whose Burdens are heavy, to build faith and strengthen testimony."

another good quote:

"When the Lord said 'Lengthen your stride,quicken your pace, heighten your reach, widen your vision, and stretch your capacity,' he was in reality saying 'expect a miracle, for these are the stuff from which miracles are made. Thre prophet says, 'do it' and he indicates the time is NOW" - Hartman Rector Jr

I had a really good week this week. And Sister Allred is pushing me to new levels of missionary work! I love her and I am learning so much from her already.

I am sorry but my emails are getting worse and worse. this one was incredibly short. so sorry.....I'm not exactly sure what I need to write in this email this week but I hope you all have a good new year full of new goals and a stronger resolution to do good. 

P.S. Turns out there is a super classy art museum in freeport. way to go freeport.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Blessings on blessings on blessings on blessings

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Sister Madsen  and I had a super good week. It was crazy busy. We are super blessed.
The highlight of my week was meeting our New Investigator Karen. She was a refferal from some of the Rockford Elders. She is so sweet and when we called to see if we could meet her and teach her a lesson she not only said yes, she asked us if she could make us dinner too! So sweet.
She lived an hour away, so it was a pretty long drive and my mind started wandering some. I was thinking about how Freeport is just the most random little place. And of all the places in the world, how did I end up here? What if I was supposed to be somewhere else, but because of some mistake on my part I ended up here, when I was supposed to be somewhere else. It was crazy and irrational but I was worried about it. So I said a little prayer that I could know that this is where God needs me to be.
So anyway, we get to Karen's house, I saw her sitting on her couch with a brace on her leg. This was the exact same place I was in a year ago! I found out she had torn her ACL too! We were able to connect super easily and I just knew that this isn't some random chance that I am here on my mission now and that I am here serving in Freeport, Illionois. This is part of God's plan. He loves me and he loves the people here. So much.
I know God answers our prayers. Even those simple prayers that we just say in our heads or under our breath at a moment of need. He hears and he listens to you. I know it!
I am so grateful to be here at this time of year and to spend my Christmas with these wonderful people that I love so much.
Grateful I got to be with sister Madsen this week! I'm gonna miss her. She is going to be transfered to galesburg. And I will stay here In freeport. My new companion is sister Allred! I don't know anything about her but I am super excited and I think we are going to see a lot of success this upcoming transfer.
Sister Hannah Corbett
PICTURES - gunna miss this crazy Sista