Tuesday, December 27, 2016

the days of our lives

So many things happened this week!
I honestly can't remember what happened on tuesday.
On Wednesday we had our last district meeting and so we went out to eat together for lunch and a man paid for my entire district! Sister Anderson and I were talking to him, but it seemed that as soon as we brought up the book of Mormon he wasn't willing to hear anything we had to say. So I spent my entire lunch getting Bible bashed..... but he paid for our lunch, so I can't complain.
Thursday and Friday were exchanges! They changed the way we do exchanges so both sister madsen and I went to Elgin where the sister training leaders serve. It was great because I got to be with sister turner who is simply amazing. I love her.
Saturday we worked super hard and it felt so good! It was freezing but the best thing about the snow is that no one wants to go outside so everyone is home, so when we knock on their doors, they get confused because, who would be out in this weather? So we got to talk  to a lot of people and it was awesome.
We also got 4 referrals this week. #blessed
Sunday was church. I love church because we just get to talk to all our friends and take the sacrament and it's my favorite day. We had to get creative in the evening because we weren't allowed to go out unless we had an appointment in -20 degree weather....
Monday was our Zone Christmas party and we had so much fun. I love President and Sister Griffin so much. We also have some very talented missionaries here in the Rockford Stake! It was such a fun day.
Well this week is Christmas! I love my savior and am humbled at this opportunity I have to be an instrument in his hands. I am so grateful for him. There wouldn't be a Christmas without and easter!
I love you all
Sister Hannah Corbett

Monday, December 19, 2016

WEEK 10?! what? that can't be right?

Well I didn't really know what to write this week because we didn't have as much success this week as I would have liked. Some weeks are a little rough but oh how I love being a missionary. It is worth any bad day or week to be a missionary. 

There is this member that is always a little grumpy and he told us our investigators weren't good and we should just find all new investigators. It really hurt because I have been spending all my time and effort on helping these people progress the past 10 weeks! I didn't know what to think. But I remembered the focus scripture that we had when I first got here. Alma 16:16and how we should be liberal to ALL. I know that God put me in these people's path for a reason. I am willing to do whatever God asks me to because I know he loves all of us and EVERYONE needs to hear the gospel. 

So lately I just want to share the gospel with EVERYONE because I know now more than I ever did before that they all need it. I want to be so eager to share that I could just walk up to literally anyone and share with them a quick message about the gospel. I thought that would be second nature as soon as I became a missionary but It's going to take practice, but I will get there with God's help!

 I am eager to get out and work this week. I do believe that Sister Madsen and I were supposed to teach and help these people in any way that we can. We may end up dropping someone this week but that doesn't mean we wasted our time. I am grateful for this grumpy member because now I am even more committed to share this message with everyone I see!!

And the cool part is that even though we were having a little bit of a down week there were still so many tender mercies. Right after we talked with this member we were driving and there were the prettiest snowflakes and I knew that God was proud of us and that we were doing our best and the right things. It's crazy how I got that message from snowflakes but I did. Tender Mercies are real.

Well I hope everyone is doing good and I hope you all know that I love you so much. :) 

Sister Hannah Corbett

PICTURE --- we were trying to watch stake conference but it never worked so we sat there for an hour waiting for them to fix it and writing down notes whenever we heard something. Luckily we got to sit behind the cutest little boys. Like I said and pretty much say in my letter every week. Tender Mercies are EVERYWHERE.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

the field is white

This week was really great. 
We were able to have a lesson with this man named Michael finally. He knows the church is true and that he needs to be baptized. He is just waiting for the "right time". We had a really good lesson with him though and the spirit was so strong. He is elect and will be baptized someday. Hopefully soon!!!
Another Highlight of this week was the Christmas devotional. It was so good!! If you haven't had a chance to see it you gotta.
I loved when the Choir and the congregation sang Silent Night at the end. I was thinking as it was playing how every instrument has a part to play and how everyone in the whole tabernacle was singing together adding in their voice and their testimony that Christ was born in Bethlehem to be the Savior of the World.
 It reminded me of that song by David Archuleta at the end of Meet the Mormons. There may be times where you don't know where you belong but we all play a part in this Symphony called life. God has a plan for each one of us! As we sing and play our part others will start to see the song that's in their heart. We will sing louder and louder as our testimony grows that God's plan and Christ's atonement is for each and every one of us individually.
And this reminded me of the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative. We are all born with the light of Christ in us. And that light can grow and grow and we share it with others and make that light Shine even brighter.
Christ Commanded us to "Be of Good Cheer! for I have overcome the world." We can keep this commandment as we take a step into the light and start playing our part in this beautiful Symphony!!!! We do this as we reach out to those in need and be an Instrument in God's hand. The more we serve others we will see that light begin to grow in them and how it changes their lives! and then we will have that same light and happiness that Christ brings into our own lives. We will discover who we are as a son or daughter of GOD. 
Let's #LIGHTtheWORLD as we share with others the light of Christ that is in each of us.  
I LOVE you all. 
-Hermana Corbett