Saturday, July 1, 2017


*This email got a little lost in Melanie's inbox so it's a bit late getting posted here but still good :)

This week has been goooood. We have tried to be better at asking everyone for referrals and so this is some of the experiences that came from that...

It started out with exchanges. I was with sister BROWN. I love her. We had so much fun. We got completely BAMBOOZLED by this man in naperville. He was not very interested but told us that we should go talk to his neighbors accross the street. He said they were very religious and may be interested in talking with us. He was laughing a but as he sent us over there but we just took the chance and went and knocked on their door too. Sister Brown and I ended up getting bible bashed for no joke a whole HOUR. He told us some not very nice things but we can just leave it at that it was the most intense bible bashing that sister brown and I had ever had. 

Later this week we also stopped by a former in BONFIELD. Which is in the middle of nowhere. But she wasn't very interested either but told us we should ask her Nieghbor that lives on the corner. We did and after trying to figure out what was the front door and what was the back door we ended up getting chased away but the scariest dog. This dog looked so sad and not very well taken care of. But it was not friendly and did not want us there. On our way back to civilization we saw a vulture. It was crazy.

So that pretty much sums up the week. Lots of finding lots of uninterested people. But that's okay becuase I am so interested in this message. My testimony grows stronger every day. I know my savior loves me and everyone in the beautiful land of illinois. I love my mission. I love sister gray. And I love Illinois. SO MUCH. 

Thanks for all your birthday wishes! There is no better way I could think to spend a birthday than being right here in Bourbonnais! Love you all!

-Sister Hannah Corbett 

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