Thursday, September 29, 2016

Last Week in the MTC!

I feel like I just got here.... and now I'm leaving....
Well I just wrote a real good email and then accidently deleted it. 😑
BUT I will try again.
First of all, no I will not be in the conference choir but I did get to practice with them and it was beautiful. We didn't know how to sign up and there was a real long waiting list so we didn't make it but that's okay because they have to miss a lot of class and stuff for practice.
On Friday, Elder and Sister Costa who are newly called general authorities came to my district and sat in for one of our  classes. It was so good to hear their testimonies and feel their love. Elder Costa is a convert. He started investigating when he was actually trying to prove the  church wrong. Eventually when he decided he would try and read the Book of Mormon and understand repentance HE got proved wrong! The church is either wrong or right friends! If it's right it's the best message that we could have and we should do everything we can for Christ!!!!!! If it's wrong... keep doing what your doing. But before you keep doing what your doing you better at least try to find out if its wrong.
I really feel like I've learned a lot this week and I think it started when I decided that I would find out how the atonement applies to ME personally. I got asked a simular question in a role play and it really bugged me that I am here on a mission, leaving for Chicago on MONDAY and I couldn't answer it. I bought a new Book of Mormon and started over with that question in mind. It has helped SO MUCH. I still have a lot to learn. But IM PROGRESSING. which is the whole point of the atonement. But I would encourage you all to do the same because everyone has a different relationship with Christ and everyone responds and feels the spirit differently, and everyone learns differently so find out how YOU personally can apply the atonement in your life and become more converted to Christ. There is NOTHING  more worth your time.
A funny moment this week was when we found out Sister young's talent for story telling. She was acting out a sasquatch climbing a ladder and so much more what the freak you'd have to be there. 😂
It seams like I'm forgetting so much... this week was great. Also I'm sorry for those who didn't get my last email. I don't know what I was doing wrong so I hope you get this one and I promise I love you all!
P.S. next time you hear from  me I'll will be in CHICAGO 🌽❤

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lift Others As You Have Been Lifted

Hello friends and fam!
Its been a great week! so long but also so short. My Companion, Sister Winkelman is the best. She loves to laugh and I just love her. 
We are learning a lot. One time we were having a real hard time focusing. We weren't getting anything done besides practicing our photography skills so we decided we should focus a little harder. We said a prayer and we legit had the most effective study time right after that. It was so cool because before we were like "can't we just go back to our residence now???" but after we were like "Noooo we don't have enough time!!" It was a good lesson that I am trying to remember, because the classes we have here are what you make of them most of the time. Except when our teacher Sister cook teaches. She is a SPIRITUAL BEAST. Honestly if anyone listened to her lessons they would probably want to just get baptized right then and there. Someday I want to be more like her. Because she's just so Christ-like and always knows just what to say. Its amazing. We are blessed. 
Sunday was such a good day. We watched Ephraim's Rescue. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE. You should all watch it. It was probably the highlight of my week. At the very end of the movie it said, "Lift others as you have been lifted" and I just loved that and I think that is the whole purpose of life and missionary work. 
Today we went to the Temple and as we came out it was super foggy and it had been raining all night and all morning so it was so beautiful. It reminded me of the primary song "I Like to Look for Rainbows". 
I love my district. The Elders here are great. The districts that got here before us I guess were being really loud in their residence and I don't know the specifics but our branch presidency was getting a lot of complaints. So the Elders in our district, before anyone even said anything, decided that in stead of following that example, would have a devotional together every night. Wow. who does that? They are going places. The other Sisters in my district are also going to Chicago and I love them with all my Heart. Sister Prisbrey and Sister Young both are the only members in their family right now and did not have a lot of support from their families to come on their missions but they are such good missionaries. We have lots of fun together too. ;) 
I am learning a lot and am so excited! :)

Sister Corbett

Friday, September 16, 2016

3 Days In

16 September 2016 - 3rd day in MTC

Hannah's Email:

The MTC so far has been pretty great. I have a LOT to learn before I leave in a few weeks though. My companion is Sister Winkleman and she is GREAT. Seriously. GREAT. She is also going to the Chicago West mission and so is the two other sisters in my district, Sister Young and Sister Prisbrey. I luuuuuuuuuve them all. The Elders in my district are either going to Chicago or North Carolina. The MTC is interesting. I feel like I am on a different missionary universe and I already feel like I have been here forever but it is only my third day. But it is great because I am literally always supposed to be working on coming closer to Christ. But its also hard because I am always recognizing things I should be better at or doing better. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh missionary work is hard but its good and great and I love it and want to be a great missionary. Also we are already teaching REAL investigators which is scary crazy awesome.

But I am alive and the food is edible and most the time its not that bad. I hope things are doing great at home!

Love, Sister Corbett