Sunday, May 14, 2017

Oh be wise what can I say more

Well on tuesday sister Jagielski moved to Elgin and I got my new companion sister Gray! She is AMAZING. I love her a lot. We have had quite a good week this week. Lots of finding and lots of miracles.

Yesterday was Stake conference and our investigator Kim was able to come! It was her first time coming to church so we were hoping things went well..... well at least Kim keeps a positive attitude. There was hardly anyone there! Just becuase it's Stake conference doesn't mean you can skip out on church my friends! And we spent the first hour sitting there waiting for them to even get it working. Illinois just needs to face the facts and accept that broadcasting Stake conference won't work. The same thing happened in Freeport when I was in the Rockford stake. Kim was just about ready to leave becuase it was pretty cold in our building and her knee was acting up and we couldnt even hear or see anything. She actually walked out the door. But then bishop gets up and decides we are going to have an impromptu testimony meeting. We raced after Kim and got her to stay. It ended up being really great. I LOVE bishop freedlund.

Just one of the many miracles we had this week was that we got to set up an appointment with Juan!!!!!!!! I hadn't seen him in a few months but we just stopped by and we were able to set something up!!!! Now we just have to pray he shows up. 

Life is so good! I miss sister Jagielski a lot but I love sister gray and I am excited to see the many miracles that will come because of her strong faith.

Love you all!
-Sister corbett

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Just a weekly reminder that missionary work is the best

On Saturday my good friend Eden was baptised. It was such a good day. The water heater is still broken but they were good about it. When we told Brother Portwood who was to Baptize him about the cold water he wasn't too excited and he was telling us about his busy day and he was just a little bit stressed. But when they got in that water to Baptize Eden he got super emotional and the spirit was so strong and all his concerns just flew out the window. I have noticed that this week. Becsuse we have had a SUCH A BUSY WEEK. but when you have the spirit with you you are able to relax and just be at peace. God will make sure everything that needs to happen will. We shouldnt let satan get in our heads and make us think being busy is what makes a successful. 

He was confirmed the next day and the blessing he got had us all in tears! Oh my goodness I just don't know how we got so lucky to be able to teach him. I LOVE them so much.

About 10000000000 other things happened this week. But that would take all day. As for transfers, Sister Jagielski is leaving me for the people of Elgin. My new companion will be coming to me right off the plane #straightfromtheMTC 

And I just wanted to leave you with this quote
 “I am ready to bear my testimony … at any time, or at any place, or in whatsoever circumstances I may be placed. … I am ready to go through thick and thin for this cause in which I am engaged” - Joseph F Smith

-love you all,
Sister Hannah Corbett