Thursday, June 15, 2017

6 months in the BOURB

Transfer calls came and sister Gray and I are both staying here in bourbonnais for another 6 weeks. This means I get to spend 6 months or 1/3 of my mission in bourbonnais. Which is the promise land. President said so himself. I'm pretty excited. I love bourbonnais!!!!!

This week we got to teach Talha! Talha and his wife Tina are literally the sweetest and the most humble seekers of truth. I love teaching and being a missionary. He definitely understands the commitment that it takes to be a Mormon so he wants to really come to know before he commits to anything. But YESTERDAY. He sent us the best text about how he's on his way to becoming a believer of the book of Mormon. Wow. 

Other things that happened this week was SISTERS CONFERENCE. So I got to see lots of my favorite people on this EARTH. I am so grateful for all the friends I've made on my mission. 

Aaaannnnd lots of other things happened. But basically to sum it all up life is so good. 

1. Look at all the baby corns🌽
2. This church right here. This church is TRUE. 

Okay here's some more pictures because I just got them.

Special tribute to these two women. SISTER MADSEN & SISTER JAGIELSKIS

ALSO Amber came to sisters conference! It was so to see all of them again. I cried. Just a little.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


This week had its ups and it's downs. But the best part was our lesson with Jose Luis. We taught him the restoration and Brother Navas came to help translate even though it took in an hour there and back he still wanted to be here for this lesson. I love brother navas. But we taught him the restoration and when we got to the first vision, we had Jose read the Joseph smith's account of the first vision. All he could say was wow! He said how he liked to hear his testimony and he could feel that it was true! Teaching him reminds me a lot of teaching juan. I love how it doesn't matter what language your speaking. The spirit is the same! The church is so true. JOSE SMITH IS A TRUE PROPHET.

it's true.

The hardest part of this week was when Kim dropped us. This was so hard for me. The hardest part of being a missionary is seeing people lose interest or not keep their commitments. I don't know if I've ever loved an investigator As much as I lived kim. A few weeks ago we saw her on preparation day when we were at the store and we just talked not like a missionary talks to an investigator but just as a friend talks to a friend. We don't know exactly what changed Kim's mind. But I know she will come around eventually! She will get baptized, I knew it the first time I met her! But Bishop Freedlund was talking to us about this and he told me to not worry- to continue being her friend and reaching out to her and Serve her. We're still friends even if she doesn't get baptized. I love her. I just wish more of the ward members got to know her. We got a referral for a man named Talha and I was telling Brother Jackson who is going to come with us to our first lesson about him about doing how prepared he is and he said "wow. Do not go over there with out a member." And it's true! Us as missionaries are rotated around and can't stay in our area to fellowship and be there as a constant friend for those we teach. We can not do this work with out the members help.  

But that's why I love Bourbonnais. It's not the strongest ward. With over 300 less active members and on average 30-50 that come to church every week there is a lot of work that needs to be done. But the members that are here are the strongest members. Each active member has on average 7 families they home/visit teach for. Like take sister Horchem for example she has her 7 and her husband has 7 too that she goes to see with him and then she's in the Relief Society presidency now and also feeds the missionaries at least once a month and comes out to help us with lessons too. She's retired so now the church is her job. 

And she loves it! Becuase the CHURCH IS TRUE.

I know it.

Also there are no coincidences. We saw Kim at the store 3 weeks ago. we saw Sheila last week and this week we saw Eden. God is just is letting me run into all my favorite people at the store just becuase he loves me. 

1. All our friends at the Bickford home. Aren't they beautiful?
2. Kankakee makes the BEST WINGS. no joke. 5 STAR WINGS. ☆☆☆☆☆
3. sister gray agrees.
4. ;)

Monday, June 5, 2017

God answers EVERY PRAYER

Well I wrote this out once but then I almost sent it from the area email again....

But I got a lot of answers to my prayers this week. 

New missionary training brought a lot of those answers. One in particular was very obvious. I had been praying and Fasting a lot to know what we needed to do for our new converts so that they may stay strong and active! Especially for shiela becuase she has been struggling some. During the training president started asking me all these questions about Sheila and how she's doing and such and then asked me "what do you feel like you could do to help her?" I didn't know and I just said that and that I had been praying a lot for her but I wasn't sure what she needed! But then president just told me straight out as direct as an answer to a prayer can be "get her into family history work and bring your family history consultant to the next lesson you have with her." Okay thanks.

It was so great! We had an experience with another member that confirmed that answer and also let me know that we need to get ALL of our Converts involved! President talked a lot about how family history is the KEY before and after baptism to keep us focused on temple goals and excited about the gospel! It brings the plan of salvation and the Restoration and the gospel of Jesus Christ to be a real thing that we can work and focus on and it's just great. Why wouldn't you talk about the temple? 

Another prayer that got answered was during weekly planning. It started to rain a little and I just wanted it to rain hard. I love a good thunder storm and I don't know why I did it exactly but I said a little prayer that it would rain really hard. And it did! About 5 min later we even got a tornado warning from the zone leaders. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. Haha God loves us and wants to bless us with little things and answer all our prayers. We just need to ask him for what it is we need!

I love praying and I love the gospel. It's so good. I know the church is true. I know God is real and he truly answers every prayer. A prayer is a prayer no matter how small. 

Love you all. Thanks for all you did for me this week. I felt all of your love and I really had a good birthday 😊

-Sister corbett

1.birthday party at district meeting this week. They brought party hats and everything!
2. They even made me birthday brownies!
3. Careful what you pray for... 
4. Sister Gray and I letting the Lord shower us with Heavenly blessings!
5. Baby Robbins outside of sister kibbons house! 
6. Cute sister gray 😊 in the BEAUTIFUL GREEN OF ILLINOIS