Wednesday, April 26, 2017


So on Good Friday our ward put on this amazing event called walk with christ. They went through the events of the last week of Christ's life and acted them out. You walked from one room to the other and watched them act it out. This woman named Holly saw it advertised in the paper and invited her friends who are related to our ward mission leader to come with her. She isn't a member but she should be. She's been to 3 temple open houses and listen to conference talks and oh my goodness she's golden. But she told us she had family living in my last area Freeport and how she's drives up there all the time. This was the biggest tender mercy becuase I was looking for a ride to Freeport on the 22nd and she would be going up there anyway!!!!! Oh my goodness it was crazy. But her schedule ended up changing and she wouldn't be able to take us. But now we know who she is and we will start teaching her and soon she'll be baptized. Haha 

But the Lord still provided a way for us to get to freeport. I don't know if any of you remember me talking about Dea. I sent a picture and said how she is such a dry Mormon and that she will be getting baptized someday and she did. On saturday!!!! It was the biggest blessing to be able  to go. We missed some people as we were there and it wasn't a full Freeport reunion but I am so happy for Dea and her decision to be baptized. I love her and her family so so so so much. I can't even tell you. It was so nice to be back in Freeport too. That area has my heart. I felt like I was home again. 

God loves us so much. He gives us exactly what we need. He knew I needed to be in Freeport when I was there. When i was in freeport im not gunna lie. It was kinda hard. At times i felt like i was running in place getting no where. BUT There are Elders there now and the work is exploding. Almost everyone we taught is now on date. Including MICHAEL. It's so great to see how the Lord knows what we need and who we need to come closer to him. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I LOVE ILLINOIS.

God bless,
Sister Hannah Corbett 

Pictures from last Monday! I'll send the Freeport pictures once I get them ♡

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Well I don't have long because sister Jagielski's tablet is still broken so we are sharing mine in the meantime. But here are some pictures! We don't have the ones we took today yet but we were able to go fishing with the strunks! I caught a fish!!! But I am super grateful for this time I have to serve here in Bourbonnais in the beautiful spring. I love it here and I am having the time of my life. I am grateful For this Easter season where we have time to reflect on the ressurection. I know that Christ lives today and that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints his church. I am so grateful for him and what he has done for me. It's crazy because I feel like I bare my testimony so many times as a missionary. And I say almost those exact same words again and again and again. But Everytime I do I feel the spirit and I know that I'm not just saying something to feel the silence or because it's what everyone else wants me to do but I really do know these things and there is power in that. 

Love you all!

-Sister corbett

I litterally just copied and pasted sister Jagielski's weekly...

Basically sister Jagielski and I are so Unified we have the same thoughts so you can just hear it from her! Haha love you all. She's a talker sorry it's long. Good luck! This was our week.

This week was a mess. Pretty much everything that could go wrong, did lol. Anyways. Our phone broke & we were off the grid for a few days & it was bad because no one knew how to get ahold of us & pretty much every appointment fell through because of it. Shows how crucial communication is! Also the water heater broke so Josh & Tyler were baptized in ICE water lol. It was good though! Oh, tablet randomly blew up so I have been without one all week. I guess they said the motherboard exploded so my tablet is toast. I have no idea why it did that...but It's actually been really nice to just get back to basics ( paper resources & notes )

We were contacting this former & the address we were at was no longer this woman, but it turned out being another woman named Kim! She was so excited that we were there teaching her about the Book of Mormon because she said she is very close to God & she had the impression that she knew there was more scripture from Him out there & like 3 days before, she had prayed to ask God to help her find it. Then we showed up at her door & she was seriously in shock! We got talking with her & she just looked up & said, "Okay God. If this is your answer, let me know!" & we read a scripture with her & the spirit was so strong! She was so cute, she asked us for our number & invited us to come back Monday (today)! When we were about to leave, we asked her to leave her with a prayer in her home & she stomped all over & called everyone in the house to come say a prayer with us. Then we all held hands & we said a prayer in a circle. I have noticed that is something people do around here when they pray, they like to hold hands. It's pretty neat. I like the unity that it brings to the room. You know if you're feeling the spirit, they have to be aswell. Being a missionary is the best! 

We got to help at our assisted living place with their easter party! I love the residents there so so much. Earlier in the week we got to color Easter eggs! Then we got to conduct the hunt! It was a party!

As I mentioned before, the water heater broke & Sister Corbett & I were FRANTIC! We felt SOOO bad that it wouldn't warm up that we started filling buckets with boiling water & running them back & forth to fill it you can imagine, running around like headless chickens trying to make this day good for them. As I was on the verge of a mental breakdown, Sister Lynette swooped in & saved the day. She brought us lunch & made us take a break from the stress & just breathe for a minute. She said a prayer with us & I was just immediately overcome with the spirit & felt peace in whatever happens will be okay. & it was! Sometimes we feel stressed by everything going on in our lives, but when we take a moment & recognize all the things the Lord does for us, our lives are so blessed! We just need those little reminders sometimes. 

 Also, I love the Strunk family so so much. Like wow. This week was such a tender moment for them. A few weeks ago, Sister Strunk was telling us about her baptism almost a year & a half ago & how it was a polar plunge because the water heater broke & we PROMISED the boys it wouldn't happen this time....we have learned our lesson on making promises we can't actually guarantee...I guess it was just meant to be a family tradition! They were good sports about it! 

They are preparing to go through the temple to be sealed together & they have invited us to go with them. I hope so badly that our President allows us to heart just aches with love for them. They were a part member family & their mom was baptized almost a year ago & we had the honor to teach the boys. Wow I love them so much. They're amazing. 

This baby is sister Corbett nephew & this picture literally is what got me through the week sane. Pretty much lol. 

There is this woman named Elyse who just got baptized in the Chicago Heights ward (in the other Chicago mission) & moved into our ward, so we were going to teach her one of her new member lessons & as we were coming around the corner of her apartment, her door was open & it sounded like there was a party going on but we just went & knocked & they let us come in & share a message with them all! We got talking & one of the guys in the room asked a question & we got to talking with him & he was dating a member, but had no idea what we believe. We taught him as a group about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ & the Book of Mormon. Then we had him read a scripture & he was totally overcome with the spirit he got choked up & told us how when he went to the baptism he was so overcome with this feeling that he felt like he was on fire & wanted to cry. He said he felt that again & it was an amazing feeling, but he didn't know why he felt it. We explained to him it was the Holy Ghost & invited him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it! We will be seeing him again this coming week! 

Even in the midst of the tumult, there were so many amazing things that happen every day. It has been such a blessing to be able to take a little bit of time & recognize the miracles. 

 Sister Jagielski

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Can you see what I see?

Another week has come and gone. This week I was a little saddened because Juan has gone missing and no one has seen or heard from him since we invited him to be baptized. 

But the work still moves on! Everything is in place for Josh and Tyler to be baptized this weekend.

On Wednesday we were supposed to be meeting with our investigator Nick but maybe Juan has been talking to him because he didn't show up either. Sometimes it is hard when you work so hard for these people and love them and do all you can to help them and they don't even recognize it. I am starting to know even a fraction of how God feels when working with me. But we had a really good conversation with our bishop that night. And maybe nick didn't show just so we could talk with Bishop.

We had noticed that this recent convert we had been meeting with had very little. Not even a pillow. We mentioned this to bishop and he told us about how he just got this huge order of pillows that they couldn't even sell and that the young women just so happened to have tied an extra blanket that was just sitting in the closet. He said how this is part of our calling to see some of the poor living situations of others but it is also part of our calling and his calling to see people as Christ would see them. I was so touched as tears ran down  his face and I could feel how much he truly cares for the Bourbonnais ward.

The people here are so wonderful. I love them with all my heart. That truly is the biggest blessing and opportunity as a missionary to see these people as Christ sees them. And let me tell you, he loves the Bourbonnais ward so much.

-Sista Corbett

That awkward moment when you accidently send your weekly from the area email...... woops sorry 

families can be together FOREVER

Well we havn't seen or heard from Juan in over a week and we are doing all we can to just remain calm and keep the faith!

In the meantime God is still blessing us. Those two kids I mentioned about a transfer ago are finally on date for April 8th! We love them and their family. It is so great to see how they have all grown closer together and stronger as they have had the temple and and baptism as their goals. And as they stick to it, no matter what gets in the way!

We are also teaching this man named Eden who is currently on date for April 29th. He went to culinary school and he cooks for us every week and oh my goodness I've never had better food. He is dating this member and her kids are pretty adorable! We taught them the thimble game.

These families are so beautiful  and I love being able to get to know them and learn and grow with them.  I just love them so so much.  

-Sister Corbett